Our Transformational Centre Plans

When Bryanna was asked, “What would you do even when you have a million dollars?”, she knew in an instant. Because she already had this vision when she first found out the possibility she could do something that would light up her life. That was having our very own centre, a place of transformation, of healing and of love. A place where we are accepted and feel welcome.

This will be a retreat centre that will run various workshops, courses and special events for single mothers and women in need. (We already have a very special one planned for children next year). The centre will also be able to be hired out for others to run their events and retreats within, which the profits all go to the upkeep of the centre and into the foundation’s account.

Support and community are vital for achieving the healing and transformation in your life which is why we want our centres to provide a true community vibe. 

In our centre, this is the home hub for She IS Unleashed foundation, where we support single mothers and women in need and their children worldwide to transform their lives. So they can gain access to the education to gain control back over their minds and lives. Where they will be supported with this transformation. Women will already be able to access support via online guidance and in person, mentoring and coaching. Also where they will be able to build up credits to attend live workshops and retreats.

We will also be working with the mothers to support them in advancing their career and/or starting their own business so they are educated and empowered to have success in their own life. To be self-sufficient and have their own sense of pride.
To find out more details on the workshop and events we are planning ourselves for mothers, children and also families with autism / ADHD please click here…

To support us in doing this, we will be pulling in a team, I will be donating my course and also for those with deep trauma I will be sourcing someone to support us with that service. They can also access holistic healing.

Our plan is also to have childcare facilities so that the parents can attend the events and workshops and have readily available childcare. That issue of not being able to attend events due to childcare problems is gone.

We are a family, our plans are to have sister centres dotted all around the world. We are a community, supportive, loving and strong. All centres with very similar values, all linked and all connected. 

We also plan to build a coffee shop area in each centre where many can come just for coffee, cake and to share in the energy of our space. With a collection of videos, books and audio books. 

At our centre we also have the option where you can help out in the centre to which you will gain credits to go towards further coaching, courses and live workshops/retreats.
That could be with the acts of admin work, cleaning, gardening, building / handy work.

We will also offer our own workshops, retreat weeks and weekends and also hire out the centre for others to come and host their own events and retreats.
We do adult only events although we are very much a family oriented place and offer childcare facilities. Parents can come attend retreats and workshops and be able to bring their children. The children will be watched on our very own childcare area where they will go through activities suited to their age that will also teach them how to be happy, how to meditate, how to go for goals. Create their very own vision boards.  

The Plan…

The Transformational Centre – Oak Tree Lodge

Residential retreat centre to host events, workshops and retreats.

Large workshop area / Yurt

Small wooden lodges/ family rooms with cots for families to stay over.

8-15 bedrooms with single and double beds some ensuite. Some rooms with 2-3 beds.

Small cafe/shop – With play area, books etc
Property we are looking at at this moment may also include a spa.
Treatment rooms for holistic healing/therapies.

To support us in this building we ask that you share our mission… The $3 Mission which can be found here. This will help us empower the growth of this project and also will be helping millions of women worldwide.