Hear What Others Have To Say…


We know that this is being sent out to many who may not even know who Bryanna is and so this section here is what just a few others have to say about Bryanna. Bryanna has been helping others already with her own business, Positive Power Healing. Her business really became formed through the fact that she wanted so much to achieve a way to build this centre and foundation. It did get to the point though, that it was time to fully set up the foundation. To bring structure to the giving and help those truly in need.

Bryanna has an incredible gift of inspiring women to step fully into their power and become who they were always meant to be. She cares deeply for those she works with and truly wants them to rise into the highest version of themselves. She is a powerful and gifted healer and teacher and is a gorgeous bright light in the world❤

Hayley Hunter Hines

Soul Sparkle Magic

I have known Bryanna since both our journeys started in 2014 at a retreat in Scotland. Although Bryanna was fragile she was still a very gentle and loving soul. I loved her energy, it was raw, natural and pure. I could see Bryanna’s potential and knew that someday she was going to be an incredible teacher and all she needed to do was delve deep within her soul and believe in her power. I am super proud to see Bryanna become that teacher and continue to grow and develop into someone extra special. If you are struggling to find your goddess energy you then I definitely recommend working with Bryanna as she will help you find the magic within so that you can become whole again.

Deborah Fernades

Intuitive Coach and Healer

I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! She came into my life back in January 2017. Since then life and business have evolved. I could not be where I am now or on the journey to where I am going next without her. I cannot wait to meet up with her again. She’s my international business best friend and when you start working with her I am 99% sure you will fall in love with her and everything she does for you too

Kristi Murphy

Business Consultant, Murphy Consultants Agency

I’ve received an enormous boost from Bryanna through a variety of channels. From physically attending and participating in her workshops and retreats in person to subscribing to her many online courses which focussed on the topics of – forgiveness, self-love, strategies for success and prosperity. These courses have been called – ‘Feck the Past’, ‘Love Yo Self’, She is Unleashed, Phoenix Transformation and Money Matters. Furthermore, Bryanna has proved to be a very effective leader in communities encouraging each member to reach out, share what is going on in their lives, their vibes, receive and support each other.

I have no hesitation in recommending investors to jump on board with Bryanna’s forthcoming projects in building not only one but global retreat centres for single mothers and women in need. I for one am looking forward doing all I can to make this happen for Bryanna and communities worldwide. The world needs people like Bryanna to bring people together and impart their empowerment to make their lives better!

Nollaig Robertson

Business Consultant

A note from some of the women that have been helped through Bryanna, those messages are anonymous as they would like to be kept private about situations they underwent. But they do want to add in a quick word.

Before connecting with Bryanna & her group, I really struggled with past trauma, symptoms of cptsd & stuck in a dysfunctional relationship. Since Bryanna gifted me the course & free sacred activations as I was really struggling financially as well as emotionally, I have turned a corner slowly but surely. I am feeling more in my own power instead of throwing it away, I am setting personal boundaries & able to move out of lower vibrations quicker than I ever could. I am quite isolated & struggle with staying on track due to outdated self worth issues so having the group, regular free video messages from Bryanna have helped me stay on track so much better. My special power is The Violet Flame activation ❤️

Scotland, U.K

You have been such an inspiration to me, sharing your story and the desire to help us from a place of love. So grateful we connected and look forward to meeting in person. Thank you for helping me step forward into the woman I know is meant to be here.


You have given me the courage to reach for the stars and the belief i can do it.. i thank you from the bottom of my heart and im only at the start of my journey. I can’t wait to be able to pay you back one day xx

Scotland, U.K

What can I say? Bryanna is a gift to the world. I approached Bryanna for guidance because I was going through an extremely tough time in my personal life and my relationship. I was at the point I no longer wanted to go on. Through the guidance of Bryanna I’ve turned my life around. I now believe in myself and see a future for myself and my family. As long as you are willing to put in the work you will see results. If you think it’s time for a change then it probably is. You do not need to fear judgement and with Bryanna’s guidance she will help you back onto the right track in life. I Love this woman so much for what she does selflessly for others. Cannot rate her highly enough.

Scotland, U.K