In the blink of an eye, I thought my life was over…

In the blink of an eye, I thought my life was over…

I remember that moment when I felt that my life was over, my perfect storybook life.  

I was married to my high school sweetheart for ten years—had two amazing children with him, a house, two cars, the whole dream… and of course an amazing future together.  But no, that too vaporized before my eyes.

After weeks of feeling sorry for myself, wondering how on earth I was going to be a single parent, pay the bills on my own, fix broken dishwashers and sump pumps (oh, that’s a whole different story)— I woke up one morning and laid in bed thinking about the day ahead of me and feeling like I just couldn’t go on.  Then I thought of the 2 little kids that were going to be running into my bedroom in a few minutes, their faces bright and happy and eyes shining. “This is crazy. I’m being ridiculous. I need to get up and get moving for them” I thought to myself

And that morning I actually started using the law of attraction, without even knowing it.  I laid in bed and visualized new beginnings. This sounds so corny, but I visualized little ole me with my two children playing outside in the sun…we were happy, smiling, laughing and loving each other.  After a few minutes of envisioning that scene – it happened. I suddenly felt a whole new sense of empowerment. If I was going to be the mother that my kids needed more than ever, I needed to put my big girl pants on….I was going to tackle my entirely brand new existence and show my kids that nothing is going to stop this super mom☺  

I wish I could say I jumped out of bed that morning and everything was sunshine and roses from that moment on, but it wasn’t of course.  

But it was a little better.  And it continued to get a little better nearly every single day after I banished “Poor Carrie” out of my mind.  That life-changing decision that I made on that glorious morning opened my life to sunshine and positivity, and boy did I need that.  I wasn’t myself at work (but really, who is after their life is turned upside down), my family and closest friends were worried about my health & well-being and I had become quite the recluse.  

Put your hand up if you know what that’s like (I see you out there!)

Fortunately, on this new road to recovery, I had some help.  Friends to talk to, family, etc. One of my friends recommended I go see a therapist.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a lot of money, and part of me thought therapists are for weak people, not for people like me.  Fortunately, I was broken enough that the other part of me agreed to go to a therapist. Little did I know another piece of the Law of Attraction puzzle was about to be given to me.

After a few sessions, my therapist encouraged me to write a list of the ten traits that my perfect man would possess.  I was like “Whoa sister” I’m not even thinking about dating right now, let alone Mr Perfect. But I’m a good patient and I wrote out the list like she asked me to and read it every AM and every PM before bed.  As time went on I spent my days visualizing this handsome stranger in my head.

About 8 weeks later, I met a man (a handsome man at that) who was also going through a divorce.  As I got to know him, I slowly checked off item after item on my list. I couldn’t believe it! I mean what are the odds of finding a guy this perfect in my small town, in my little corner of the world??

 And I had friends who were searching for a man for years!  I mean they were legit angry at me because here I was with Mr Right after just a couple of months.

Now here’s the crazy thing.  I mentioned to him one day about my list, and that’s when he told me he had made a list too.  I had never heard of this before and yet we both had done it. A few months later when I would read the book “THE Secret” I would understand that we were using the Law of Attraction even though we weren’t aware of it.  And as Bob Proctor says “what you are searching for is searching for you”. Couldn’t be truer! Am I right??

I want to leave you with my final thought. You can do this.  I was no one special. I started at zero, maybe even less than zero after my divorce.  If I can pull it all together, anyone can do this. I didn’t have special training, I didn’t have a fancy education, I didn’t study success material for years before making a move.  I got help from an experienced person and I made my life better. I found my perfect partner. You can too.

My life has only continued to get better since meeting Matt.  He is so supportive and has supported me to reach dreams and goals that honestly I never thought possible before.  We all can do this, and here’s the good part: it’s not nearly as hard as you think.


Carrie McEachran
F Revolution

Fearless Fabulous Female Leadership

What exactly are Sacred Activation’s

What exactly are Sacred Activation’s

You may have heard me talking about this, or you may be asking “What the heck is these Sacred Activations you speak off?

Well, let me tell you the magic.
I had a powerful attunement done by ascended masters and above, they had shown me this powerful healing. It blew my socks off, seriously, I was buzzing from this.
I wanted to know more, I was told I was to use this with all my clients, yet I never knew what it was.

So, I knew I would be guided with this.
I knew this was on a whole other level, and more was to come. Then, I was getting all of these signs coming at me about Activations and DNA.
I said to my beautiful friend, Hayley. I’ve to learn this, it’s calling on me, just so happens (of course) that she was just learning them herself and becoming a practitioner. So Hayley introduced me to The Activations… WOWSER!!!!!!!

I knew, in an instant, this was it. This is a major part of the energy work I’ve to do with the women through my courses and mastermind, which is why they are all included in the work I do. I have also been told, they will be giving me more to do with this in time.

Let me tell you a bit about the Activations and what they do first of all…

Sacred activation is a next level energy healing and activation modality. Extremely powerful, some say it has the power to bring the same level of healing in just a few sessions as it would 10 or more in other healing modalities.
I can certainly feel it!!!

You can change your life easily and quite quick using the power of the activations, Each activation breaks down and destroys those harmful belief systems that no longer serve your life!
This powerful healing harness the energy to connect with the creator of all that is, source and Divine. To bring physical healing, clear blockages, mental healing, soar free from karmic ties. The power to heal 7 generations back and 7 forward, this lifetime and the past. (This also brings healing to your family as you do it)

☀️Activations stimulate your Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the geometric laws that govern everything in existence. Sacred Geometry unites mind and heart; spirit and matter; science and spirituality.
☀️Sacred Geometry draws you out of collective, genetic, religious and group consciousness. All of us are held back from who we are destined to be by numerous belief systems.
☀️Activations aid to untangle these belief systems, transforming factors that limit us from who we are meant to be.

Activations easily help you focus to: improve prosperity, relationships, health, psychic abilities and assist with the removal of addictions.
They powerfully transform the old programming, as you know with the work we do together, how important this is.
Adding this, to our journey together will amplify your results 10 fold.

The Activations will work with you so you can experience your destined power here on earth.

There are a wide variety of activations to choose from, to start your journey I am gifting you this first three.

1. Lord Metatron

The Lord Metatron Activation enables you to move through the present period of Earth changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated with Gaia’s evolution from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and beyond toward the 12th dimension.

2. The Tree Of Life Code

The Tree of Life Code Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.

3. Avebury Stonehenge

The Avebury/Stonehenge activation increases your healing and psychic abilities. It allows you to easily communicate with your higher self, guides and angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

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Violet Flame Healing Energy Meditation

Violet Flame Healing Energy Meditation

Violet flame is a unique spiritual energy, it is a gift from God, Source and all Divine.
Associated with St Germain and the Ascended Masters, yet I was introduced to it by Quan Yin.


I love the blending of personal, spiritual and business development to live a life that is loving, harmonious and one that feels true to my heart. This powerful blending is vital in our time, this is the key to living a happy, balanced and successful life.

When I was spiritually opening, meditation was one of the biggest tools I used to do this, then I started getting Quan Yin appear while I was doing the meditation. I started researching who she was and what she does… Of course all about Love and compassion. Through this, I learned about the Violet Flame and all that it can do.


With Violet Flame Meditation you can consciously access powerful frequencies that dissolve lifetimes of unresolved, unhealed energies with love and light. This is crucial to each of us as individuals. The distillation of all experiences we’ve ever had in any lifetime or dimension is still in our individual and group energy field, both positive and negative. Until the dense negativity is transmuted into love and light, we can still experience blocks, hurt, trauma. The patterns which are holding you back right now, can be linked to this and using the Violet Flame, you can free yourself.

Ever wish there was a way you could wipe out your past mistakes? 

While you can’t go back in time, the violet flame has the power to erase or transmute the cause, the effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes. Transmutation means to change – to alter in form, appearance or nature. The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, “fate” into opportunity. The flame also erases the resultant bad karma of our mistakes.

Our past actions – both good and bad – do come back to us. This is the law of karma. This impersonal cosmic law decrees that whatever we do comes full circle to our doorstep for resolution; simply, what goes around comes around.

In general, most people must pay their debt to life, or balance their karma, by selflessly reaching out and helping others, by working through misfortunes that come their way, or by passing through diseases or other forms of personal suffering. But it need not be so with the violet flame! The violet flame is able to transmute or mitigate our negative karma before it comes back to us.

On the physical level, the violet flame can help heal our bodies by removing the karma that makes us vulnerable to illness and disease. But the real cause of disease is often rooted in our mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Today, we are discovering more and more about how our thoughts and emotions can affect our health. Research has shown that hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create excess amounts of acid in the body that it cannot assimilate. These negative thoughts and feelings often originate in emotional and psychological problems, which the violet flame can help to resolve. The scars of old hurts and painful memories may be healed and dissolved when the healing balm of the violet flame is applied.

A really wonderful thing to be aware of is that you don’t have to fully understand the nature of Violet Flame Meditation or how it works for it to work! It isn’t possible for our minds to encompass what lies beyond the parameters of the mind. You can ask your I AM Presence (yourself from your highest perspective) to take command, and then simply invoke the Violet Flame

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