“No matter what your past has been, No matter what your present reality may show you, 
You have all the power inside of you to achieve a life you love and adore.”

Bryanna Emma Black

How Do We Help and Support Single Mothers and Women In Need?

Below you can find out more about the founder of She IS Unleashed and her journey to bring this vision to reality. Right now though you may be asking this question. How do we actually help support single mothers or women in need?

Bryanna has been helping women just like this for many years already behind the scenes. Then one day she got the message it was time to set up this company to be official.

She has been helping and wants to expand this support, through in-person guidance, coaching and mentoring. Also supporting women worldwide by doing this online, either through the She IS Unleashed course or 1-1 mentoring.

Her biggest vision is having the transformational centre open and running the foundation from there. This centre will fund itself and fund the foundation as all profits made are for the foundation and continued growth. We will be able to have weekly in-person support groups to help women see they can be more, using healing and mindset practices to support them in making that shift to take back control over their life. Also having business development support for women looking to make the start in having their own career or businesses. To find out more about the plans for the centres please see the section, Retreat Centre Plans.

Women will be able to apply for funding or to have access to courses. We believe it is very important that there is some sort of energy exchange, which is where there will be levels to work up. 

Women will first gain access to a course and support group. The first energy exchange is for them to show up for themselves, take the action and do the work. When they have shown this, consistently, then they will be able to apply for access to further education. Either online coaching programs with myself or our other reputable mentors and guides, or in person events at any one of our retreat centres. The exchange of energy for this would be an act of service or gift back to the foundation when financial circumstances change.

The biggest plan is that you are supported enough for your rising, then you will be able to fund your further education and development.  This would be personal and/or business. Whatever it is for you to live a life you love, feeling pride, accomplishment, peace, joy and love.

Meet The Founder…

This is Bryanna Emma Black,
She is now a Transformational Life & Business Enhancer, Entrepreneurs and single mother of six boys. 

Her vision for She IS Unleashed came through at a time when she was healing her own life. Her life was, what some would say, a complete roller ball of a mess. She had a lifelong cycle of “failed” and some very toxic relationships, she left school at 15 with no on paper education, no career and her body filled with dis-ease (she had Fibromyalgia and other illnesses).

She had shouted to the high heavens on many occasions, what the heck was going on. Pleading for guidance. She had always been a good person to heart but yet life would keep on going round in circles, various traumas, drama etc (I’m sure you get the picture)

She had studied for many years spiritual development, also looking into natural healing, She even made a huge milestone in her life when she received her diploma’s from college for Holistic Therapy. Yet still, something was holding her back. It was like 10 steps forward, 8 steps back. 

Then after her 5th son was delivered 10 weeks early and he nearly left the physical, she reached a point of ENOUGH. This is when this little book appeared to her talking about the power of our mind and a greater power we could not see.  She went on this journey of unleashing herself and her truth. Still many lessons to go through, learning to use the power of the mind to heal her body, was first. Learning to love herself as she once loathed the skin she was in. She discovered more about the power of emotions and beliefs. Yet it was the point of when her father left suddenly to the other side, she was pregnant with her 6th child and still with a partner that would consistently lie and cheat. She really did wonder what was the missing piece she was not getting. This was a time Bob Proctor had appeared in her life. Studying with him, gave her that AHA moment that propelled her to grow and learn from more pleasurable experiences.

What would be your biggest goal, if you could achieve anything. For Bryanna, it was this centre and to support other women to SEE, that they can be more and do more also. They did not need to let their past define them and how their life should be. That is when her worthy ideal was revealed to her. To achieve this she had to battle so many of her innermost demons. She had to rise above her own fears and continues that growth forever more. Although, it is so much easier now.

Bryanna started her very own company called Positive Power Healing, doing what she loves, supporting and encouraging women to rise more and more in their power. She mentors women in their unleashing and rising to do what they love in life. Ultimately, creating and living a life they love and adore.
Through this the name of the foundation finally came to her and she felt in her heart, it was time to set this up in it’s own right.

What some others have to say..

Valinda Yoga “You have a BIG Heart and truly care about people! You are authentic”



Justine Cohen I love Your enthusiasm, your motivation, your energy, your love, kindness and compassion for your fellow human beings……..I could go on forever…….at the end of the day you are one truly amazing and inspiring lady.

Shandra Phoenix I love Your genuine passion and love for us.

Claire McLaren I love Your enthusiasm and unwavering positivity.

Mandy Hadden You are the very first mentor that I have met that genuinely cares. Like really wants to see us succeed. Truly a blessing being to know you. Very genuine, real, motivating and ambitious.

Would You Like To Meet The Team and Our Supporters? 

(Updating soon, if you would like to join us or support us please click the contact us page)

She IS Unleashed Team

Ann Varney

Ann Varney


Ann Varney is not just a supporter of this vision she is also a powerful partner, due to the fact that we are not only looking to support the mothers and women in need, we will also be looking to make sure the children have support should they need this.

Ann has her very own foundation which is for children, she is very passionate about supporting children heal and transform from being anxious, stressed and many other behavioral problems. Being honest, we call her a miracle with the work she is doing for children.

Ann Varney DipBSoM. DipCHyp. MSc.

Ann has trained with the ‘best of the best’ travelling internationally to learn and bring those teachings to help YOU. Ann also teaches meditation on a regular basis and Practitioner courses in energy work. Ann loves teaching children and adults new simple coping mechanisms alongside techniques that get to the core of the issue.
Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes

Accountant and Supporter

Nicola is an inspiration in herself.
Single mother and yet she has built her own accountancy business and strives to inspire teenage girls that they can be so much more.

She is the accountant for the foundation and goes above board in the work she does for us due to her passion for what we are doing.


Jayne and Jacqui Chidgey-Clark

Jayne and Jacqui Chidgey-Clark

Supporters and Admin Team

Jayne and Jacqui have been supporters of the vision for many years.
They run their very own transformational business Fires of Transformation, while also Jayne being a Dr working with the NHS and Jacqui working also in the NHS sector.

They have stepped up to help us organize fundraising and also further support as both have worked with charities beforehand.
Two wonderful women that are giving their time and energy to see this foundation to it’s fruition.




She IS Unleashed Supporters

Colleen Umbehant

Colleen has been an avid supporter and donates on a regular basis. She will also be joining the team to help support women in her local area very soon.

Aubrey Marlette

Aubrey found us through one of those moments, she saw the sign. She has a very similar passion and fully supports us in our mission. She may even run one of our sister centres in her area in the near future. She donates to us and is on hand to support us further in the future.