Welcome to the $3 mission

This idea came to me one day, I followed the 333 story which gave me faith to look beyond the perceived blocks and allow the answer to come to me.
There is always a way we can.

So I set forth in my mission to bring this vision, this dream to reality. To build the foundation and the centres with the first one being here in Scotland.

This is what came to me. 

I’ve put together a powerful course titled She IS Unleashed, in this special course you get shown how you can overcome the blocks, transform your entire life and how you can be the woman you were always destined to be. This is a large part of what I have used in my transformational journey and I know when you apply even just this, you can have miraculous results in your life.

To raise the finances to build our centre and fund our foundation, (which will also help build homes for single mothers in Nicaragua and an orphanage house for children in India). 

I’ve been given this flood of inspiration to ask you to share this mission with as many women as you know, even males as they may know women that would benefit from this. All you do is exchange $3 for this course, such a small donation, but as the banner mentions, from small seeds grow large Oak trees. 

I’ve had the calling to help a million women and in doing this I also get to fulfil that mission and help more.

All proceeds go towards the foundation and running of the centres, the money generated from the centres also stay within the foundation for running costs and to help women and children on a global scale.

What you will receive for your exchange…

You will gain access to a course that will help you see why you are not getting the results you want in life, why you are not living the life you want, why you are not allowing yourself to be the woman you were always destined to be.

She IS Unleashed Transformational course is a month long course and this is delivered to you in sections via email.
You will receive :

-> Gorgeous workbooks in PDF design to print off and use along with your training.

-> Bryanna’s “Feck The Past” Course, where you will be guided to release the past and be free, doing so with love.

-> Video tutorials leading you through the transformational course.

-> You will also gain access to Sacred Activations which is a powerful energy healing modality that will support you in shifting lifetimes of blocks and limitations.

-> Violet Flame healing meditation 

You will receive a journey that will help you finally live a life that is your truth, to walk this world with a newfound sense of peace, releasing what has been and so very much on point for what you desire.