You may have heard me talking about this, or you may be asking “What the heck is these Sacred Activations you speak off?

Well, let me tell you the magic.
I had a powerful attunement done by ascended masters and above, they had shown me this powerful healing. It blew my socks off, seriously, I was buzzing from this.
I wanted to know more, I was told I was to use this with all my clients, yet I never knew what it was.

So, I knew I would be guided with this.
I knew this was on a whole other level, and more was to come. Then, I was getting all of these signs coming at me about Activations and DNA.
I said to my beautiful friend, Hayley. I’ve to learn this, it’s calling on me, just so happens (of course) that she was just learning them herself and becoming a practitioner. So Hayley introduced me to The Activations… WOWSER!!!!!!!

I knew, in an instant, this was it. This is a major part of the energy work I’ve to do with the women through my courses and mastermind, which is why they are all included in the work I do. I have also been told, they will be giving me more to do with this in time.

Let me tell you a bit about the Activations and what they do first of all…

Sacred activation is a next level energy healing and activation modality. Extremely powerful, some say it has the power to bring the same level of healing in just a few sessions as it would 10 or more in other healing modalities.
I can certainly feel it!!!

You can change your life easily and quite quick using the power of the activations, Each activation breaks down and destroys those harmful belief systems that no longer serve your life!
This powerful healing harness the energy to connect with the creator of all that is, source and Divine. To bring physical healing, clear blockages, mental healing, soar free from karmic ties. The power to heal 7 generations back and 7 forward, this lifetime and the past. (This also brings healing to your family as you do it)

☀️Activations stimulate your Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the geometric laws that govern everything in existence. Sacred Geometry unites mind and heart; spirit and matter; science and spirituality.
☀️Sacred Geometry draws you out of collective, genetic, religious and group consciousness. All of us are held back from who we are destined to be by numerous belief systems.
☀️Activations aid to untangle these belief systems, transforming factors that limit us from who we are meant to be.

Activations easily help you focus to: improve prosperity, relationships, health, psychic abilities and assist with the removal of addictions.
They powerfully transform the old programming, as you know with the work we do together, how important this is.
Adding this, to our journey together will amplify your results 10 fold.

The Activations will work with you so you can experience your destined power here on earth.

There are a wide variety of activations to choose from, to start your journey I am gifting you this first three.

1. Lord Metatron

The Lord Metatron Activation enables you to move through the present period of Earth changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated with Gaia’s evolution from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and beyond toward the 12th dimension.

2. The Tree Of Life Code

The Tree of Life Code Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.

3. Avebury Stonehenge

The Avebury/Stonehenge activation increases your healing and psychic abilities. It allows you to easily communicate with your higher self, guides and angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

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Heck yes!!! I want in.